Raves & Reviews


Elaine romero, Arizona Theatre Company’s Playwright-in-Residence

"A hilarious play about the cost of urban blight on the Latino soul"


Avimaan Syam, The Austin Chronicle

"Fantasmaville provokes a full world rife with captivating characters"


Jeanne Claire van Ryzin, The Austin American-Statesman

A satirical and imaginative look at gentrification


Confessions of a Mexpatriate

Judith Moir, Santa Fe Red Blog

Daring and life-affirming


Jackie Jadrnak, The Albuquerque Journal

Explores our need to discover just where we fit in.


Robert Faires, The Austin Chronicle

Both funny and fearful


Salome Martinez Lutz, Teatro Nuevo Mexico

Powerful! Written from the heart


Jesse Griffith, BROADWAY WORLD

An elegant text from playwright Raul Garza paints beautiful and simple pictures of Samuel's discoveries within a complex and overwhelming world.


Andrew J. Friedenthal, american statesman

…Raul Garza’s "Confessions of a Mexpatriate" is a play that is extremely at home in Austin.


Robert Faires, The Austin Chronicle

Raul Garza's solo show tells us that finding your true self in another country isn't easy



Roxanne Schroeder-Arce, The Austin Chronicle

I left the theatre thinking about the power of the storyteller to shape a story explores the power of the storyteller



…fell in love with the play and with Raul’s voice. In his work, Raul explores issues of identity in fresh, honest ways. His characters vividly come to life and feel like friends—you miss them when they’re gone—and his play is infused with warmth, humor, and just a touch of magical realism. He also deftly plays with form to add multiple narrative layers, a juggling act that is both cleverly handled and illuminating.


Texico 2030
(Dos Pocitos)

Adam Roberts, The Austin Chronicle

A sweet yet existential tale replete with thematic tropes that will be recognized by audience members from any cultural background.
A vibrant prism for those of us less familiar with the Latino experience.


Michael Meigs, CTX Live Theatre

His tale of a southern no man's land, outlandish as it sounds, resounded with those in the audience


Chelsea McCullough, NewsTaco

the kind of story that sticks with you days after seeing the performance.


Deborah Martin, San Antonio Express-News

An affecting story of home, memory and loss. A moving, thought-provoking border tale.



…delivers powerful messages through the voices of humble, heroic, and lovable characters…a MUST SEE that delivers.


Melanie Méndez-Gonzáles, Qué Means What?

…humorous and intense. Raul Garza’s writing provokes thought about universal themes of not belonging, protecting what is yours and mourning the loss of what once was. 


There and Back

Jesse Griffith, BROADWAY WORLD

Raul Garza is a gifted playwright and I look forward to seeing more of his work in the future. I highly recommend "There and Back”…


Andrew J. Friedenthal, AUSTIN 360

“There and Back” is not flashy, but in its straightforward earnestness it tells a powerfully important story…


ROBERT FAIRES, the austin chronicle

This new play by Raul Garza lets us spend a lifetime with an immigrant and all the decisions she makes



A new play about immigration and the American Dream.